How To Choose Badminton Racquet

How to choose badminton racquet Have you ever heard about Gear Acquisition Syndrome? The term “GAS” was coined by Walter Becker in 1996 as “Guitar Acquisition Syndrome”. The term was used to describe the strong tendency of guitarists to acquire new guitar with the hope that new gear can bring their performance to next level. … Read more

How To Choose Badminton Shoes

How to choose badminton shoes? Most people focus on racquet when they have a budget to buy equipment. But shoes are at least as important as racquet it. A pair of good shoes are essential for you to move freely and efficiently on the court. A badminton games requires you to move quickly in all … Read more

How To Choose Badminton Shuttle

How to choose badminton shuttle The best way to choose shuttlecock is to talk with your friends. Not like racquet or shoes, you cannot figure that much useful information from simple touch and feel. But overall, the feathers on the shuttle should be consistent. Stem of the feather should not be fragile. It should be … Read more

How To Choose Badminton String

How to choose badminton string String is very important part of the racquet. Just like good lens make a lot of difference to your photoes. Right string can make a lot difference to your play. A highend racquet normally doesn’t come with a string. It leaves you freedom to choose the right string and right … Read more

How To Improve You Badminton Skills

Play 2 Win – 追球 To watch tutorial video from Mr Lee Jae Bok, please visit:  Or the previews below: DVD1 DVD2 DVD3 DVD4 Play to Win 陈伟华羽毛球教程 Racket String and Shuttle – 如何选择适合自己的羽毛球拍 01 Clothing – 如何选择羽毛球运动服装 02 Serve (1) – Forehand deep high service – 发球技术(一)正手发高远球 03 Serve (2) – Forehand net service … Read more