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You can depend on New Vision Badminton as a one-stop-shop for all things badminton. Our vast experience in the game have enable us to provide specialised solutions to your needs. Feel free to call us for more information.

Our expertise:

• Tournament Management
• Organising Sport Events
• Badminton Tournaments
• Exhibition Games
• Friendly Matches between Countries, Companies, Clubs, Schools
• Training Camps
• Motivational Camps / Seminars

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2 thoughts on “Other Services”

  1. Hi,

    Would like to check how is your training package rate and schedule for Singaporean?
    My son is 9 years old.
    Will be looking at early Nov.

    Be waiting for your reply.


  2. Hi,

    I’m looking for badminton court to play daily. But unfortunately I don’t have team or friends who play badminton. Can you suggest any ideas?


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