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·        To have more individual participation in badminton and to get international recognition from our trainees, who have trained in our badminton academy

·         To encourage youths to spend time constructively and as a measure for residents living around our training centre to live a health lifestyle

·         To refine the skills and fitness of badminton lovers to better enjoy the game

·         To promote racial integration amongst residents and youths playing in our badminton academy


·         To promote and improve badminton in the country

·         To reduce social illness such as illegal racing,

substance abuse and loitering amongst youths in the

country by getting them involved in badminton

·         To improve the standard of badminton amongst

individuals in Malaysia

  •    To enhance the Malaysian image in the global  arena in badminton
New Vision Badminton Academy is a thriving badminton academy that concentrates on developing quality badminton players.

Currently based in Seksyen 13, Petaling Jaya, the club is well-known amongst other badminton clubs all over the world. NVBA have been engaged in coaching players from foreign countries such as Australia, Bahrain , India and also…….  Presently, the club has more than 100 students ranging from the age of 7 to 58 years old.

Badminton is for everyone, therefore, at NVBA, we design training programs to suit your aspirations. Also, we aim to provide an avenue for new and upcoming talented players to achieve their dreams, as our programme will function to polish their badminton skills and to win tournaments of national and international standards.

New Vision Badminton Academy sports a host of experienced and skillful coaches who are knowledgeable in this sport and are able to construct training programmes to develop, mould and guide badminton lovers to become better players.

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